Okay, let's talk about baggage.  

I KNOW you want things to be different.    

I KNOW you can almost see the possibilities before you, and yet, it all feels so out of reach.  
This is intense.
The Grief. Anger. Sadness. Guilt. Shame.

No matter how often you yell or cry or stuff it back in, it won't go away.  It's there whether you admit it or not.

And... Or...You have thoughts that you just can't shake.
Even on the best of days — especially on the best days — there they are again. Sabotaging you.

Gift Yourself
Let That Shit Go 

space for joy.

space for peace.

Space to let the light back in.

I'm not good enough.
I'm not worthy.
It's always my responsibility.
it's not safe to be me.
It's unsafe to be vulnerable.
Success is scary.
i deserve to feel ashamed.
I deserve to be angry!
There's never enough time.
Everything falls apart.
I don't deserve to be happy.
It's hard to make money.
It's not safe to trust myself.
Life has to be hard.
Everyone in my family struggles.
I was born this way I cannot change who I am.
It's unsafe to need anyone.
If they knew the real me they would leave.
I'm difficult to love.
nothing works out for me.
When I win somebody else will lose.
People don't like successful women.
What if I fail?

You tell me. Are there others to add to this list?

One of the reasons it feels like too much and these beliefs keep coming up is because
you've been collecting them.

Without letting them go.  

So they pile on and pile on and pile on.
Until you just... about... blow.

Well, good news SisterMama.

You CAN let this shit go.

With Mental & Emotional Release (M.E.R.) & NLP
(these methods feel like magic, but they're truly rewiring emotional and behavioral patterns!)

They create the FOUNDATION you need to move forward...the mindset to create the habits necessary to shift your energy and your thinking. 

MER was THE game-changer for my own life.  It's why I became a practitioner and offer it to my clients now.

My process won't change your past. It changes the MEANING you've been carrying behind it all.

You won't stop having feelings. You WILL release old suffering and create emotional space to feel appropriately.

Your baggage is heavy.
Time to let go.

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  • Pre-session Coaching Questions + Intro Video
  • 2+ hour Intensive Session
  • 1+ hour Follow-up Session

what's included:

These Sessions work for all womeN+ non-binary folx 
who want to make a dramatic shift in:
life perspective, confidence, career, relationships, body image,
self talk, midlife transitions, self love...

we all carry baggage and we all deserve to feel light. 

yOU deserve the broken-ness, the struggling, the fear to end now.



What my clients have to say...

"My session with Jenn was really transformational. Jenn is very intuitive and kind and she created a safe space so I could relax and open up about limiting beliefs and personal issues that were holding me back.  During the digging work, she helped me reframe some of the thoughts I was holding around "time" that were creating a lot of anxiety.  Then, the clearing process was simple — I was able to relax and let it flow.  With Jenn's support, clearing limiting beliefs was never easier and faster. I felt absolutely amazing after the session and I highly recommend Jenn's work.  Thank you, Jenn, for your grace, confidence and nonjudgemental approach to help me transform and release baggage that doesn't serve me."

— Elaina

"Thank you, Jenn for a remarkable transformation during MER today. This was me after. Complete clarity, calm, release and love. Love for whom you ask? ME. I did not expect to feel this way or to gain such knowledge today, but I sure am glad I registered for a session."

— Elizabeth 
 Forward Function Health

"She has one of the rare talents to hold space softly (and get you amazing results).  Which is why I think she is perfect to teach what she teaches.  She has helped me move through some very tender/sore places in my life seamlessly."
— Romy
Belief Shifts NLP Coach

"if someone gives you permission, they can take it away. I give myself permission."

— Lucille Clifton