Gimme 6

I've got you

1:1 Deep-Dive All-In All-Out coaching for the woman who wants change and she wants it NOW!  Release. Transform. Evolve.

Because it's about damn time.

"There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.."

—bosa daisy sebele

Whatever it is you need...let's go there.


Like I said.  Whatever area you come to me with — you will receive change.


Because transformation, change, is about YOU. 
The ROOT of  WHO. YOU. ARE.  
and who you are choosing to become.

The alchemy of
Beliefs + Emotions + Choice = Change

The result is YOU, out from under & in spite of your history, story, baggage, conditioning.

YOU being more of YOU than you've ever been.

Oh!  And a bonus?  By coming to me and working on the root cause of "the problem" ....
we can eliminate or minimize other shit too. 
THIS WORK has a domino effect.

It flows.

And with that flow you get...

My tools are deliberate and your coaching will be too.

Midlife Transitions
Life Transitions
Parenting YA
Body Confidence
Self Love
Soul Speaking
Re-Conditioning from societal, cultural, familial fucking norms

 What's burning a hole in your throat that wants to be expressed? 
What change could actually begin to transform your life?


when we get to the heart of the matter, the problem, it's not really about "the problem".
It's about the underlying programming.  The belief behind the problem.

And so, focusing only on the problem can only create minimal change. 
Surface level change.

Working with me?

We get to the HEART of the matter.
And when we break that heart wide open...

it doesn't hurt.

YOur coaching will be laser focused

You will excavate, uncover, discover, reacquaint, reimagine you.

fucking finally!

Whatever you need to work on most —
what will move the needle and/or bring you ease?

Gimme 6 weeks


Become A woman out of her own way.   A FUCKING LIFE CREATRIX. 

Gimme 6 Weeks
is Transformational Life Coaching.

  It's a meatier version of my already deeply transformational
"Let Shit Go" intensive.

 With Gimme 6 Weeks,
we'll also use the combination of Belief Change, Emotional Energetics & Movement from my larger RWW program —
this is just more laser-focused, specific, deliberate.

I created this shorter version for those who feel like the larger container is too much to wrap their heads around right now.

for the woman who knows what specific issue needs coaching and wants to change it right away.

— R.H. Sin

Are you ready?
of course you are.

$1500 paid iN full 

payment plan available 
$1500 + $150 admin fee 
($1000 down + $650 per month for one month)



*** My Guarantee is you will experience change or you get your money back.  I do NOT fuck around.  YOU are too important to me, as is my coaching and my mission and my INTEGRITY, to NOT get you results. 

I can't wait to meet you!

Gimme 6 Weeks
is the container, the tools
to create laser focused change.

This program WILL create results. 
 I got you, I promise.

I'm in!  Gimme 6 Weeks!

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"Breathe. And remember who the fuck you are."

some women fear the fire. some women Simply become it.

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