hi, i'm jenn

My divorce journey was NOT pretty, even though we did the mostly-conscious-uncoupling and chose the friendly co-parenting route and were generally kind to each other. 

Here's a great big "F U" to all the naysayers who tell us "Well, WE just believe you keep tryyyyyyying in marriage, " or "Divorce is the easy way out." 

We did try a hellalong time, so by the time we finally did it....I was spent. Fried. Numb. And...

Thanks to the tools I'd gathered from coaching, I have the important parts (my parts) mostly figured out.
My life isn't perfect but it's mine.
 I no longer subscribe to someone else's idea of how to live.
 There are hurdles, of course, and ...

Welcome to                            


I am Brave.
I'm proud of who I am and the
stronger woman I am always becoming.
I live with an open heart.
My future feels
lit up.
And I can truthfully say, "I am now forever WHOLE".

rooted, wild & whole

hi, i'm jenn

*So about the video above in Bali...This is me 9 months AFTER my divorce. The BEFORE picture wasn't so pretty. I was on business retreat and my coach happened to capture me — so symbolic as I took those brave steps toward reclaiming my life.  I was  surprised when I saw this.
That was me?

I was laughing. I was happy. I looked beautiful in a $20 dress I bought in Bali. It had been a long time since I had laughed like that. Or even thought of myself that way.

I left it all on the fucking floor.
And from there is where I began.

I tell my clients this story because I want them to feel that same seismic shift in their lives. 

To see their beauty and laugh freely again. 

"It was worth it. All the work. All the struggle. All the grief.
 To arrive here.
You can have this too."

THIS is what I want for you. To feel good in your skin. Notice the beauty all around you. Embrace your magic.
Step into your own power.

Women have always been important to me and my life's mission, but you are more important now than ever.  Your family, your community, the world needs your voice.  Your wholeness will change the world.
That's why I do the work I do.

Going to Bali was way out of my comfort zone. I had always been afraid of flying. On two previous flights, I had full-on panic attacks. The flight to Bali took 30 hours and I flew alone. I was nervous but not afraid, a little anxious but not panicked. I had learned how to breathe and relax my body, to stay with myself, and trust life again.

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