hi, i'm jenn

You could say it started with my health journey which lead me to coaching Hashimoto's.

You might say it's because of my divorce journey.  After all, we were six+ years of will we or won't we get divorced a divorce that rocked my world.

I say, it's been a journey of my lifetime that brought me to you.

What I know for sure is this: 

Thanks to the tools I'd gathered from coaching, I have the important parts (my parts) mostly figured out.

My life isn't perfect but it's deliciously mine.

I no longer subscribe to someone else's idea of how to live.

There are hurdles, of course, and ...

Welcome to                            


I am self-lovingly Brave.
I'm standing in my truth.
I live with an open, grateful heart.
My future feels
lit-the-fuck-up and FREE.
And I can honestly say,
"I am now forever WHOLE".

Create your life coaching!

hi, i'm jenn

I left it all on the fucking floor.
And from there is where I began.

"It was worth it. All the work. All the struggle. All the grief.
 To arrive here. You can have this too."

THIS is what I want for you. To feel so fucking good in your skin. To notice the beauty all around you.
To embrace your magic.
To step into your own power.

You are important. Now, more than ever.  Your family, your community, the COLLECTIVE
needs your voice. 
will change the fucking world.

That's why I do the work I do.

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