rooted, wild & whole

your future isn't f*cked it's F*cking phenomEnal

1:1 Coaching for the Woman 40+ post Divorce, who is ready to discover her roadmap to what's possible — rooted in who she is, embodying her inner wild and loving herself whole.

you've been doing the the brave work

I see you.  What you've been doing thus far IS brave.  But...

There is something in you whispering
  "I want more" 
even if you don't know what that "more" is.
Deep inside, you KNOW this could be your opportunity to finally create that life you will love.

Yet here you are still feeling a little broken, stuck, afraid. 
You're doing the work and still angry, still grieving, and frankly...

still feeling a little fucked.
And you might be wondering,

"Am I too old?  Is it too late?  HOW am I going to do this?" do you know I'll get you to where you need to be?

Divorce is excruciatingly hard.

I remember the feeling of being stuck, lost, overwhelmed, unrecognizable.

I know what it's like to give so much of yourself away that you can't imagine
ever finding yourself again.

I decided I was worth it. 

Worth the work.

And you are too.


you can't go back.  and you can't stay here.
So what's next?
how you show up
after divorce
will define the trajectory of the rest of your life.

You can't control or change your ex-partner,
but you have 100% control
over who YOU are becoming
starting right now.

"operation self-esteem — day fucking one."

—elizabeth gilbert

Because I was you. 
 I am you.
This journey into ourselves,
it doesn't end.

Because getting divorced is f*cking hard.   
Because truly thriving after divorce takes work.
And you've been doing all the things to put your life back together.
You just need the safe place to land
the space, the container, the tools to create lasting change
and the roadmap to your phenomenal future.
 This program will change your life.  In all the ways you are hoping for.
 I got you, I promise.

why did i create this program?

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welcome back, girlfriend

welcome back, girlfriend

A transformational life coaching mentorship  for the woman who is ready to become whole again, so they can confidently create their next chapter —
the intentional, Living-full-out life
 They crave.

And it's about time, too.


This program will stretch you.

It will awaken parts of you that you abandoned a long time ago.

You will see yourself, maybe for the first time.

You're in the Midlife Divorced Women Club... WE like to call it THE GATHERING
You're Genx, 40+, Fifty-ish....Midlife
You may have kids and a job and a lot to juggle      
You're not looking to be a victim anymore
You're not here for dating advice (there are apps for that) but you'd like to not make the same mistake...twice
You're not here to bitch about your Ex (hey, all feelings are valid — you'll feel them, express them, just in a more constructive way)
You want to move create a better future...really step into and up for yourself!

you are ready for this work if...

 You still find yourself feeling immobilized, afraid, stuck, lonely and probably pretty angry, too
You don't know what direction to take, or you do know but you hold yourself back 
You find yourself jumping into relationships that don't work — or you're terrified of dating — when what you really want is to love and be loved differently this time...especially from yourself
You’re feeling ready for more authenticity and fullness in your connections and experiences but it's .not.there.yet.
Your heart is ready for happiness to knock at your door
 You want to reclaim your power and be the confident leader of your life

rooted, wild & whole is for you if...

rooted, wild & whole

This is Transformational Life Coaching  combining Mindset, Emotional Energetics & Movement so you can completely EMBODY your rooted wild & whole life.

So, what will this look like for you over the next 6 months?

Your program begins with several Intensive VIP sessions with me, via Zoom. Be prepared to go deep pretty quickly as we unpack where you are and how you got there and then uncover the new path to your revolutionary, whole life.

You'll work privately with me 2x monthly, over 6 months, releasing internal blocks and emotions, rewiring and reframing thoughts and beliefs so you can take critical action. You'll come out of the fog, reimagine what's possible, tap into your internal compass, set goals and boundaries, have tough conversations, create more joy, reclaim your wildness and wholeness and design the roadmap for your life.

You'll have regular access to me via email, text and Voxer so you will always feel fully supported as you bring your heart and your visions to life.  

•  As a BONUS you'll meet within the container of The Gathering 1x per month to receive support from other women like you and for hot seat coaching and inspiration.   OH!  And every woman receives a Strengths Assessment from a Gallup certified Strengths Coach!  Like I said -- I got you!

And your results?  How does living your life YOU design sound?  Or up-leveling your career?  Or BEING a better mom and role model for your kids?  Or starting a business, that philanthropy, or tapping into your creativity?  Or finding your path to a partner who shares your vision and your wholeness?  How does loving yourself completely and trusting your inner knowing sound?  You can do this.  

Are you ready?
If you've read this far, you are.

Join us.

$500 deposit + 5 monthly payments of $500

November 2021:  Join this month to receive three BONUS sessions!
get coached on what you need now, prepping you for the hoLidays and new year, and start the RoOted, wild & whole deep work January '22.


Submit your application and schedule your call now. 
I can't wait to meet you!

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"Let me be your safe place to land."

What my clients have to say...

“Jenn, you enrolled me into what’s possible.”
— D.G.

Jenn inspires an awakening within that unlocks our true wisdom and human potential. Jenn has been the catalyst for this change in myself, facilitating a holistic healing process that has restored me physically, emotionally and spiritually. Jenn’s thoughtfulness, support and acceptance of my journey to healing has been a true blessing.
— Katie

Jenn serves as a trusted guide who is focused and calm. She helped me to slow down, see what was working and take things step by step. She’s a wonderful coach!
— Carol