rooted, whyld & whole

your future Is F*cking phenomEnal

When you know who you f*cking are.
1:1 Bespoke Coaching for the Woman 40+  who is ready to discover her inner roadmap to what's possible — so she can confidently step into her unique next chapter.

i see you.

You're a woman who's been culturalized to be a certain way,
speak a certain way, look a certain way...

You've been through half your life and you want this second half to be fucking different. 
Better.  Laugh-out-loudier. Jucier. Easier.
More fucking real. 

And yet here you are.  Struggling.

So, I'm asking you to decide, now.

Take the next step with me. 
Hell, maybe it's the LAST step.
Because once you become 
Rooted, Whyld & Whole —
you develop the confidence, lifestyle and tools to
keep becoming more self-connected to who you want to be.

You’re an evolution from here on out!

Deep inside, you KNOW this is time to finally 
create that life you will love.

Yet here you are, with those lingering feelings: 
still stuck, overwhelmed, fearful, carrying baggage, guilt and doubt.

You might be wondering,
"Am I too old to change?  Is it too late? Why am I so afraid?
 How TF am I going to do this?"

What if I told you it’s not about the how?  Not really.  It’s about the WHO.


I remember well
 the feelings of being stuck, lost, overwhelmed, unrecognizable.

I know what it's like to give so much of yourself away that you can't imagine
ever finding yourself again.
I decided I was worth it. 
Worth the work.

So I UNEARTHED myself.

 You know, excavated deeply inside.
 And who I found was
beautiful, smart, talented —
maybe not in ALL the ways societal standards tell me I am.  Or I'm not.

I get to DECIDE what my fucking standards are and I am living by them.
Truer to myself than I have ever been.
 I found my joy juice so to speak.
And you can too.

"operation self-esteem — day fucking one."

—elizabeth gilbert

Because I was where
you are now.
This journey into ourselves,
it doesn't end, and it keeps getting better.

How you show up
now will  define the rest of your life.


So, how do you know I'll help you get to
who you want to be?

welcome back, girlfriend

welcome back, girlfriend

A 6 mos. transformational life reclaiming mentorship  for the woman who is ready to  confidently create her next chapter on her terms —

the intentional,
Living-full-out, self-directed, re-stored
 Life she craves.

And it's about damn time, too.


Our work together will stretch you.

It will awaken parts of you that you abandoned a long time ago.

You will see yourself WHOLE, maybe for the first time.

  • You're in the Midlife  Womxn Club...You're Genx, 40+, Fifty-ish....
  • You may have kids and a job and a lot to juggle      
  • You're not looking to be a victim anymore, ever or ever again
  • You want to create a better future...a fucking phenomenal future...really step INTO and UP for yourself! 
  • You're not here to play games.  You want that inner reservoir of Joy-Juice.  You want to live tapped in, turned on and out-fucking-loud!
  • You are ready to 


Becoming Rooted, Whyld & Whole utilizes the tools in my ReStore M.E. Method.
We combine the energetics of movement, expression and language with NLP Mind Surgery tools to reprogram your body and your beliefs. 

The result, is a woman — YOU — 
Rooted into your inner peace and security,
embracing your Whyld — living your WHYS through your wild essence and internal power 
and Whole in your inner authority; values + vision + voice aligned;
embodying the confidence of who you are forever becoming.

A woman fucking restored.

The Rooted, WHYld & Whole framework

rooted, whyld & whole

be your Life Creatrix!

This is Transformational Life Coaching  combining Belief Change, Emotional Energetics & Movement so you can completely EMBODY your rooted wHYld & whole life.

So, what will this look like for you over the next 6 months?

Your program is interwoven with several Intensive VIP sessions with me, via Zoom. Be prepared to go deep pretty quickly as we unpack where you are and how you got there and then uncover the new vision to your revolutionary, whole life.

You'll work privately with me 2x monthly, over 6 months, releasing internal blocks and emotions, rewiring and reframing thoughts and beliefs so you can take critical action. You'll come out of the fog, reimagine what's possible, tap into your internal compass, set goals and boundaries, have tough conversations, create joy juice, reclaim your wildness/whyldness and wholeness and design the expansive evolving roadmap for your life.

You'll have regular access to me via email, text and Voxer so you will always feel fully supported as you bring your heart and your visions to life.  

•  As a BONUS you'll meet within the container of The Gathering* 1x per month to receive loving support from other women like you and for hot seat coaching and inspiration.   
*(Dependent upon group numbers)

OH!  And every woman receives a Strengths Assessment from a Gallup certified Strengths Coach and a personalized Human Design Guidebook, too.  We are NOT playing games, here!

Like I said -- I got you!


How does having the tools to live a
self-directed, choose-your-own-adventure life sound to you?

Making decisions based on inner-trust and clarity.

BEING a self-honoring role model for your kids. 

Having the confidence and inner authority to stand in your truth — allowing you to pursue new ideas, tap into creativity and try new adventures.

Finding your path to a partner (if you're wanting one) who shares your vision, values &  wholeness; attracting people who value you and developing authentic relationships — deeper relationships with those you love most!

Utilizing your strengths to up-level or re-align your business, pivot your career, or start new ventures in philanthropy, ACTIVISM, art — YOU do you!

How does having peace in and with your body, days anchored in ritual, and creating your inner reservoir of Joy-Juice & Ease 
on-demand sound?

Peaceful and amazing, right?

This is living

And Your Results?

Are you ready?
If you've read this far, you are.

Let's go!

$5K paid iN full, 
start dates now through 11/15 

payment plan available 
5K+ $400 admin fee 
($1000 down + $1,100/Month for 4 months)

 + extended payment plans available upon CERTAIN requestS.  


Submit your application and schedule your call now. 
I can't wait to meet you!

Rooted, Whyld & Whole
is the space, the container, the tools
to create lasting TRANSFORMATIONAL change
and the roadmap into your phenomenal future.
This program WILL change your life. 
 I got you, I promise.

book your call now 

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"Let me be your safe place to land."

rooted, whyld & whole

What my clients have to say...

“Jenn, you enrolled me into what’s possible.”
— D.G.

Jenn inspires an awakening within that unlocks our true wisdom and human potential. Jenn has been the catalyst for this change in myself, facilitating a holistic healing process that has restored me physically, emotionally and spiritually. Jenn’s thoughtfulness, support and acceptance of my journey to healing has been a true blessing.
— Katie

"I started working with Jenn right before my divorce. Our work together is the reason I am who I am today.   I don't remember ever feeling so much of myself.  This work opened me up to my painting.  And writing.  I started meditating. I didn't realize how much I'd lost, or given up, until we started working together.  What I  appreciate the most is my relationship with my daughter.  We would not have the connection we do now if it hadn't been for the work I put into myself.  The divorce could have ruined us both.  But instead, it allowed us both to heal.  This work has completely changed out future.

"Jenn far exceeded my expectations. She provides such a safe and calm space to feel comfortable opening up, and allowing her process to work.  I'm really grateful for how my program strengthened my confidence and I'm grateful I was able to have such a kind, compassionate guide through
this amazing experience.”

C. G. 

“Jenn serves as a trusted guide who is focused and calm. She helped me to slow down, see what was working and take things step by step. She’s a wonderful coach!”
— Carol

"You created a safe space for me to finally be honest about me, my emotions and beliefs.
I’ve had massive shifts in my self confidence while we've worked together and I feel more grounded and rooted in myself.”
— Victoria