Rooted, Wild & whole

hi, i'm jenn.

This is me 9 months AFTER my divorce. The BEFORE picture wasn't so pretty. I was on business retreat and my coach happened to capture me — so symbolic as I had taken those brave steps toward reclaiming my life.
 I was surprised when I saw this. That was me?  I was laughing. I was happy. I looked beautiful in a $20 dress I bought in Bali. It had been a long time since I had laughed like that. 
 Or even thought of myself that way — beautiful.

Going to Bali was way out of my comfort zone. I had always been afraid of flying. On two previous flights, I had full-on panic attacks. The flight to Bali took 30 hours and I flew alone. I was nervous but not afraid, a little anxious but not panicked. I had learned how to be rooted in my body, to stay with myself, and
trust life again.

Holistic Life Coach for women who are ready to take their lives back from divorce.

I tell my clients this story because I want them to feel that same
seismic shift in their lives.  To see their beauty and laugh freely again. 

It was worth it. All the work. All the struggle. All the grief.
To arrive here. You can have this too.

Chin up, shoulders back, deep breath...

You can put even the messiest divorces behind you and create a much richer,
truer life.
I had my own dark night of the soul. 
 I grieved.  A lot. 
And, then I made a decision.

               To be                           

I stood in my truth and everything changed.

I live out loud now.  No more sleepwalking, no more hiding.
It's why I want to work with you. 
So you can have this too.

Do you feel isolated?  Broken?  Empty?
Are you keeping your life small?  Still blaming your ex?  Holding onto anger?
Do you long for more meaning, more aliveness, more fun?  Are you afraid?
Are you feeling like you don't even know who you are anymore?

You can start over.
I did.


Do you have a roadmap for your future?

What if you could feel whole again?  Maybe for the first time.

And, in your Wholeness you will find your brave?  Step into your possibilities. Because you're Rooted, finally, within yourself.

You've embraced your Wild birthright.
Doesn't that sound good?

You don't have to do this work alone. 
I've got your back.

Hi, I'm Jenn.

I am well on the other side of those first painful months after my divorce.  Sure, sometimes it still fucking hurts but I'm also excited to have half my life in front of me. 
"Holy shit!". Right?

I live outside of Chicago in Oak Park, a suburb that prides itself on diversity, equity and a celebration of the arts — it's why I'm here.  

I teeter between being a mom to my three girls and becoming their friend as they reach young adulthood.  

I am certified as a Transformational Life Coach, a Holistic Health Coach, and an NLP + MER Practitioner. 

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It's your time.

all of this training prepared me to become the coach I wish i had found after my divorce. 

I see far too many divorced women still struggling, years after divorce.  I didn't want this to be me and I won't let it be you.

I offer holistic coaching that combines rewiring your mindset, getting reconnected with your body, releasing emotion, and igniting a fire under your ass!  My framework for Rooted, Wild & Whole lays out all the steps to becoming the woman you were always meant to BE.  

The woman the world is waiting for you to be.  Welcome to your revolution!

PS...this is my dog, Max

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