You've got one life!

hi, i'm jenn.

This was me:
 AFTER my marriage of 22 years ended
Approaching 50
Empowered and terrified by my new-found independence.
Dead-ass tired from the extreme Bali heat, 30 hours of solo-travel 
and, frankly, my conditioning. 

I'm full-out LIVING my evolving life.
Laughing freely,  feeling full self-trust & love.

A Feminist Life Coach who understands what happens to women after too many years of conditioning.
This is your time for reclamation. Get back to who you are and be the leader of your life!   
If not now...when?

It was worth it.  All the WORK. To arrive HERE. 
 A life truly transformed and forever EVOLVING.

You can have this too. I fucking promise!


Let's make it f*cking phenomenal

Chin up, shoulders back, deep breath...let the expansion begin

No more sleepwalking, no more pretending or hiding behind perfectionism.

Throw your 50-ish years of conditioning into the Fuckit Bucket.

Get back to who you are meant to be and lead the future that's waiting for you.

You can start over.
Begin again.
Change your mind.
Change your life.
Expand it.
I did.

it's your turn now

Do you have an inner roadmap for your future?


I don't mean a linear P-L-A-N.  I mean an 

  1. Chartered by your imagination
  2. Driven by your aligned heart, body & belief system
  3. Based on an expansive, generous, deeply grounded yet joy-fueled lifestyle
  4. Designed by, evolving and co-created through you


Hi, I'm Jenn.

Women are my mission.

That's why I do what I do.  I can't NOT do it.  It's in me.  It's who I am.

I am certified as a Master Transformational Life Coach, a Holistic Health Coach, an NLP + MER Practitioner and I am trained in trauma informed coaching.  I'm here for all of it.

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It's your time.

I see far too many women our age struggling—  with the transitions of midlife, or career, or years after divorce, or with distorted views of themselves, their stories and their bodies. 

I encounter a world of women looking outside themselves for validation, direction, for wholeness. 

I didn't want this to be me any longer and I won't let it be you.

My holistic coaching combines rewiring your belief system , reconnecting you to your Body and Spirit, releasing emotion and igniting a fire under your ass! 

My framework for Rooted, Whyld & Whole lays out all the steps to becoming the woman you were always meant to BE.  And it's done in a very holistic, intuitive, individualized way. 

The world is waiting for you, the woman you are meant to BE.  Isn't it about damn time?

 Let Shit go/MER

Drop the Baggage 
 Create Change

Whyld & Whole

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Let's work together.

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